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Official Rules

  1. Tournament is USBC certified. All USBC rules not covered herein will apply.
  2. Teams are comprised of any combination of 5 USBC certified bowlers. All teams bowl 3 games.
  3. *There is no team average cap, however, minimum team average is 750.
  4. *Handicap is based on 80% of the difference of the team total average from 1150. Handicap for doubles is based on 80% of the difference of the pairs total average from 460.
  5. There is no absentee or straw score. A tardy bowler missing frames will receive zero in frames missed.
  6. A bowler who becomes ill or disabled during a game may not return to that game. The score for that game will be the score achieved at the time of disability plus 1/10th of their average er frame for the balance of the game. If the illness or disability occurs in the 1st game, the bowler may return to the 2nd or 3rd game. Substitutes will not be allowed to complete the game(s). The score used for the 2nd and/or 3rd games will be the disabled bowler's entering average minus 10 pins.
  7. Lanes will be oiled immediately prior to each squad.
  8. Sport League averages must be reported. A sport conversion chart will be used. The highest average or converted average will be used as tournament average. Sport League is identified as USBC Certified Sport League.
  9. USBC 319d Reporting Prior Prize Winnings is waived. USBC Rule 319e Average Adjustment for Entry is waived.
  10.  *Tournament average will be the highest 2018-2019 final average from any association including fall and summer leagues unless at the time of tournament a current average with 21 or more games is 10 or more pins higher. If it is, the bowler must use current average. If no 2017-2018 average, you use your highest current average with 12 or more games. Any bowler whose average has been previously adjusted must submit that average. All other bowlers will use scratch average of 230. A current league average sheet or aveage verification must be furnished for all averages not reported on Failure to report the correct average could result in disqualification (USBC Rule 319a3). A youth bowler entering the tournament for the first time as an adult will be allowed to use his/her 2018-2019 highest average.
  11. The team captain will designate which center will represent their team.
  12. The cash payback in Omaha Qualifiers is 1:5. Teams with the same five bowlers may bowl more than once. Teams may cash only once with the same five bowlers. Teams must change at least two bowlers to cash more than once.
  13.  All teams that cash will qualify for Nebraska Finals. Teams may qualify more than once for the Nebraska Finals and bowl as often as they qualify (as scheduling permits). In order to cash more than once the qualifying team must change at least two bowlers from the original qualifying team.
  14. The on-site Tournament Director is sponsored by the Greater Omaha BPA and will make decisions on rules not covered herein. The Tournament Director may re-rate to effect fair play and minimize undue advantage.

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