Wholesale cooking pots charred water stains how to clean daily how to care

The wholesale pots and pans is wholesale kitchen goods , We often spend a lot of time selecting suitable styling wholesale frying pans, but after use, you will find that many pots are easy to scorch, or dark for a few times, if you brush hard will make the pot out of the blue, Faced with a kitchen unkempt cookware, complete without cooking fun? How to clean the pot greasy water stain? How to properly use and maintain wholefoodware? How to do cooking pot The poor control of the stove makes it easy to scorch the pan. Wholesale cooking pots No matter what the material is, if it is a scorch mark on the pan surface, it should be soaked immediately to soften the scalded ingredients and then scrub; if it is the bottom of the pan For years, you can use baking soda or white vinegar to help clean scorch marks. Removal cookware burn method 1 Step: Take the kraft paper and cut it into appropriate size. After the kraft paper is immersed in white vinegar, wash the burnt portion of the pan with vinegar-stained kraft paper until it is clean, then wash it with clean water. Tip: This method is suitable for wholesale stainless steel cookware.

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