How to clean wholesale dinnerwareware seals ?

How to clean wholesale dinnerwareware seals Wholesale glass plates and cups are more reassuring to use and look more clean and tidy. However, in the ointment, long-lasting wholesale glass dishes and grooving gaps are prone to filth and even moldy. Odor, not only affects the appearance but also harms health. clean Wholesale glass serving platters , you can choose pure natural decontamination materials, just like the methods we previously recommended: How to clean the seal of the glass crisper Steps

1. Use a toothpick to pick out the seal from the side and remove the seal.

2. Put the sealing ring and the lid together into the water with baking soda (the groove gap of the lid should also be cleaned), and gently wash the sealing ring and the gap of the lid groove with the canola cloth. Instead of using other types of rags, you can look at:

3. Wash the seals and lids and put them into the baking soda for several minutes. Then rinse them. Then let the seals and lids air dry. Finally, seal the wholesale glass dinnerware rings with toothpick and fill them back in the groove gaps. . Glass crisper lid seal anti-dirty tips

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